• Nirdosh Upadhyay

One for the Dog lovers

Doggy paradise awaits you.

While Sydney boasts many pet-friendly hotels, (which is great news for you when it comes to sharing a weekend away or a longer stay with your four-legged best friend), one problem that you might encounter when booking with one of these establishments, is a restriction on the size of your dog. At the Hughenden, we do things a bit differently - we have no restriction on the size, breed or number of the canine companions you may have. Be it a pack of Pomeranians, a duo of Dobermans or a single Great Dane,

we always look forward to providing you with

a relaxing stay with your best friends.

Over the years, the Hughenden has become a prized home for many pet lovers and their dogs alike. And we have bonded with them equally through the years. The staff here, proudly know the names of most dogs who come here for an

overnight stay or come from a run in the park to say Hi and drink from the doggy bowl. Like all good hotels, we have regulars and repeat customers, who specifically prefer us for our boutique ambiance and attentive staff.

Milly is one of our regular guests who has been coming to the Hughenden with her Doberman Pinscher, Anoushka, for the last 3 years. She says what makes the Hughenden different to other accommodation, is she feels welcome and at home when she visits with Anoushka - who only just recently celebrated her 11th Birthday at the Hughenden. Anoushka is one of our local canine celebrities, being awarded the 2010 Australian Champion. Since her retirement from the rings, she has tried out all our 6 pet-friendly rooms and sampled both our doggy afternoon tea and doggy birthday cake. They are currently staying for over a month while they do some renovations in their home.

Our guests come from all walks of life; some are here for leisure, while some are coming from interstate with their pooch as they can’t bear to stay away from their pet. Some of our regular café visitors have used our lounge area as a meeting place for their pooches on the weekends. Along with accommodation, we also host both dog and human high teas (72 hours’ notice needed), where you are also able to order a birthday cake for your four-legged best friend. We make it simple for you to relax with your canines - you don’t have to be on high alert with your dog around the hotel. The staff are relaxed and welcoming, generally on duty with the doggie treats too. If you are looking for pet accommodation that is inexpensive and without size restriction, and where your pup can hang around, The Hughenden can be your (yours and your pets) new home away from home. We welcome both dogs and cats. And if you are a dog lover who hasn’t got a dog, you are still welcome to come in & meet some new furry friends and have a pet - after all, we all share the same love for dogs. Some guests have described us as Disney land for dogs. Our location is perfectly aligned for your dog-friendly trip to continue. Located at the top of Queen Street, Woollahra, and Oxford Street, Paddington you have a variety of options up your sleeves for access to dog-friendly shops, bars and eateries. Centennial Park is conveniently located, just opposite to us, where you have acres of parklands to investigate or activities to take part in. If you haven’t been here before then, you should book now and see it for yourself.

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