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  • Nirdosh Upadhyay

Experiencing Sydney like a local while you are staying at the Hughenden

Experiencing life like a local when you are in Sydney

“Your home away from home.”

Locals in Sydney are known for their healthy lifestyle and their love for a freshly brewed coffee. They start their morning routine with a morning run at one of the lush Sydney parks or a swim at one of the pristine blue beaches. If you are planning your next stay or visiting Sydney, look no further than the Hughenden, a hidden 19th-century Victorian architectural marvel. The hotel was refurbished in 2017 to meet the modern comforts while preserving its age-old architectural features, like timber floor, grand staircase, chandeliers, fireplace and century-old paintings and books making you feel like you are traveling back in time. The Hughenden is located at the heart of Eastern Suburb of Woollahra, with proximity to all central attractions. The centennial parkland is just a 5 mins walk from the hotel, the world-famous Bondi Beach and Sydney’s CBD all its grand attractions just a bus ride away. Staying at the Hughenden you can feel you are in reach with all these attractions but still somewhere peaceful and tranquil as the place is just off the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

Staying at the Queen Street, you are surrounded with Victorian houses with their unique architecture, (posh) boutique and antique shops, fabulous eateries. The local Entertainment quarter market runs every Wednesday and Saturday and Paddington market every Saturday. If you are looking for local produce and delicacies then you are in for a treat at these weekly markets. So, if you are planning a visit to Sydney or just looking to break weekend stress from your usual 9 to 5 why not plan a stay at the Hughenden and experience its beauty. Start your day with a freshly brewed coffee at our café and head for a run or a swim. Once you are back at the hotel, treat yourself with the continental breakfast that is complimentary, spend the afternoon visiting a gallery or catching up with the locals and end the day with a drink at our Victorian bar. The hotel rooms are all uniquely designed each with its own character and feel. Going upstairs from the check-in desk, you will find a grand staircase adorned with a beautiful carpet, reaching upstairs you will feel like you are in someone’s house instead of a hotel, the quaint and tranquil feel will leave you amazed. The rooms have a single doorknob and keyhole, and the guests are provided with a unique key to take with them after the check-in. All the rooms are ensuite and come with modern amenities to meet modern-day needs. On the rooftop, there is a shared sun terrace where guests can have a drink or just relax to wind down. All these characteristics make the Hughenden a truly unique place to stay at. Bringing your furry friend too or your whole family down to Sydney, give us a call and see what we can offer for your needs. Consequently, our guests love us from being accommodating to their requirements and always going above and beyond throughout their stay. Plan your stay today, we will wait for you at the Hughenden.

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